Bumble & Bumble. 
Deva Curl.

Xpectations Salon  


Lynn- Stylist
I graduated in March 2009 from Kenneth Schuler Cosmetology School and have loved doing hair ever since. The best thing I love about my job is the wonderful people that I get to meet. I make people feel great about themselves and make them feel happy about their hair everyday. I love working at Shear Xpectations. I work with my two sisters(Artana and Jill) & the best coworkers that anyone can ask for. If you haven't been to our salon, please come by and see us. I hope to see you soon. -Lynn


A remix of DMX's "X Gon' Give it to Ya":

Only lady you know who can chill, come back and get these streets open.

I've been doing this for nineteen years.  Ladies wanna fight me? Fight these tears.

I put in work and it's all for the kids, but these cats done forgot what work is (Uh-huh!). They don't know who we be. Lookin', but they don't know who they see ladies!

First we gonna CUT, then we gonna BLOW!

Then we let it POP, DON'T LET IT GO!

Les gonna give it to ya

She gonna give it to ya!

Cat-Front Desk/Customer Service Coordinator

Hey, my name is Cat! You will see my lovely face as you enter this amazing salon or hear my beautiful voice through the phone line. I have been here for over a year now and have a background in cosmetology, computer management, & hospitality. I take care of not only all of your needs & appointments but also these gorgeous stylists needs. Do not hesitate to ask any question or give a ring, see you soon! <3

In 2002 I received my cosmetology license at the Academy of Cosmetology located in Charleston, South Carolina. My area of expertise consists of cutting, coloring, and styling hair. I specialize in a range of different designer cuts for women and men. Hair and fashion has always interested me and been a part of my life. I thrive off the fact that I can wake up every morning and make people feel better about themselves and their hair bringing such joy to them -jill

Chelsea -Stylist

I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School in 2011 receiving my cosmetology license. I worked my way through Ashville NC, made my way back to a couple of beautiful salons here in SC, and finally ended-up  in this dream of a salon Shear Xpectations! I am passionate about doing all different hair types, creating beautiful colors, & also being Deva-curl certified. I have learned the process behind a great curly cut and love teaching others how the Deva products work for their curly hair type. Hair is my passion and I love a challenge so bring it on! Hope to see you soon!